Frequently Asked Questions

What is Green Scholarship Organization?:

Green Scholarship Organization is a newly incorporated non-profit organization in Toronto with a mission to invest in the next generation in terms of access to education and environmental sustainability.

Who is involved in Green Scholarship Organization?

The organization was started by a group of four Muslim community activists who come from different backgrounds, but with a passion to improving our environment and investing in the next generation. The four are: Dr. Reda Saad, Siraj Berhan, Mohammed Hassan Ahmed, and Mohammad Ashraf who make up the board of directors. You can find brief bios about the leadership team here. We are looking to expand our activities and will be looking to partner with other communities to help bring our mission to reality. If you have any questions, comments, or any type of feedback to the board we would love to hear your thoughts.

How we operate:

  • Transparency in how we operate as a community serving non-profit organization.
  • Investing in the next generation: In terms of access to education and environmental awareness.
  • Community Involvement: We can’t do this alone. Ultimately, we act as facilitators within the community and for the community.

Why are we doing this? What is our objective?    

A) Our aim is to reduce wastefulness that impacts the community, the Masjid, and the environment. Following the message in the Quran:

“Sahih International: …Indeed, He does not like those who commit excess.” Source:  quran-6-41sura-anam-title

B) Build a scholarship fund for underprivileged children and youth in our communities.


What have we done?    

Half way through Ramadan 1433 (2012 AD), we had a pilot project called: The Masjid Reusable Water Bottles. The purpose of this program was to address 3 areas:

1)    Consumption of plastic bottles of water:

We consume a lot of disposable plastic water bottles. It is very expensive if you start adding up how much plastic bottles of water we go through a day. If you estimate that during the month of Ramadan a person attending the Masjid at night might use up on average about 2 plastic bottles of water then for about 400 people it easy to go through approximately (2 bottles per day * 30 days * 400 people) 24,000 plastic bottles!

2)    Cost to the community and the Masjid:

ما شاء الله, there are generous donations for plastic bottles of water, but that is very expensiveto the community, the Masjid, and the environment. The community is paying for this plastic bottles of water. The masjid has to pay additional waste pick up fees. On top of that the impact that has on the environment is huge. For example, a plastic bottle can take up to 1000 years to bio-degrade and majority of plastic bottles don’t get recycled.

3)    Graduating Class Scholarship Fund:

In our first pilot project we were able to provide a small scholarship amount of about $1100 to a group of underprivileged high school graduates who got accepted to post-secondary education.

How are we planning on achieving our objective?

In the  Community Reuse Program we had a great turn out as we were trying to encourage reuse and at the same time raise money for our scholarship program!

Who qualifies for the scholarship fund?

We are inviting community members to help us in the evaluation process for our scholarship applications. We would love your input.  We expect the application process for the 2015-2016 school year to start in early 2015. Please stay tuned. You may also subscribe to our newsletter for updates.