Leadership Team

Dr. Reda Saad – President of the board of directors


Dr. Reda Saad has been involved with various community programs for over 20 years throughout North America. His work includes serving a variety of community centers and Masjids and is known to give lectures on Islamic knowledge and continues to engage in numerous social programs.

Dr. Reda Saad is a graduate of University Of Alexandria and is a certified physician in Ontario, Canada with a specialty in Anatomical Pathology. He can be reached at Reda@GreenScholarship.ca.


Siraj Berhan – Board Member

With over 16 years of background in Information Technology, he had progressively taken on various roles in development, management, leadership, and most recently as an Agile Coach helping teams and products flourish using Agile methodology.

He has taken an active role in co-founding Green Scholarship Organization as a means of providing accessibility to education while promoting environmental sustainability. He holds a Bachelor of Science from York University. He can be reached at Siraj@GreenScholarship.ca.



Mohammed H. Ahmed – Board Member

Mohammed H. Ahmed is a seasoned traveler with a keen interest in youth programs. You’ll find him connecting many communities across the globe. Currently, he is the Secretary General of Abu Huraira Centre. He can be reached at Mohammed@GreenScholarship.ca.


Mohammad Ashraf – Board Member


Mohammed Ashraf in 2012 took on the challenges of helping the youth and their families who are at risk of losing opportunities to a higher education. Ashraf has a passion for maintaining a healthier environment by promoting sustainable ideas in the community and being an active member of the society to promote quality education for all.

Ashraf has a versatile career path which encompasses positions in software support, quality assurance analysis, business analysis in various industries including healthcare, financial, and retail. He has a bachelors in Applied Sciences from CUNY, Staten Island, NY. He has attended the Masters program in Computer Science from the University Of New Haven, CT as well as a Business Analysis certification program at the University of Toronto. He currently works as a software consultant and a as a small business owner.

As a volunteer board member of Green Scholarship Organization, Ashraf understands the challenges in combining the social work of activities related to sustainability and also assisting families to send their children to quality schools. Ashraf is determined and passionate about the goals of this organization and ready to give it all to make a positive change in our society. He can be reached at Ashraf@GreenScholarship.ca.